Friday, 18 September 2009

Can his Miracle Hands Provide a Cure for Cancer?

I very much doubt Adrian Pengelly can cure cancer. I watched Watchdog last night on BBC1 in disgust (sorry for this sounding like the opening line of a letter to ‘Points of View’) at the sometimes self-proclaimed Sir Adrian Pengelly – a man who maintains he can cure cancer using an energy that he transmits through his hands. Not only that – he can banish bad spirits from homes and can diagnose and treat sick animals according to him.

The first few clips on the Rogue Trader section of the show made a mockery of a man who was claiming to be talking to spirits (in a house rigged with tricks) and misdiagnosed a lame horse. I couldn’t decide if he was a foolish delusional man or a calculating immoral predator, especially after seeing the final excerpt on the show.

His claims turned from amusing to reprehensible when video footage was shown of this man telling a woman he has a 60-65% success rate in curing cancer – a totally unsubstantiated claim. It got worse when he also stated that his treatment was more successful on patients that do not use other conventional medicines like chemotherapy. Reading between the lines he was advising people that they would have a better chance if they declined other treatments – although I know there has been much debate among believers whether he was actually implying that or not.

Either way he offered his experience as proof of this and went on to say that he would advise his loved ones to decline other treatments if they were ill. The people who contact this man with cancer are ill, vulnerable, desperate and clutching at anything to help them so this is completely irresponsible advice and I’m shocked that he is allowed to get away with this. I would say that he should be investigated by the police, not a BBC1 show.

I have had a close family member in the position of being given news of terminal cancer and seen firsthand family members and I desperately trying to find a miracle treatment or medical breakthrough to reverse the horrendous news. This type of situation is definitely one where people are at their most vulnerable to any kind of positivity and it appals me that this type of immoral practice has been so far unpunished.

Adrian Pengelly and people who make unfounded claims like him are in my opinion evil and I can’t fathom how their consciences are allowing them to behave this way. To all the believers and people that have posted messages of support about this man on the many forums I have read today online – wake up, it’s not a witch hunt, he is a dangerous man making a living out of preying on vulnerable desperate people and it is interesting how his website with all his wild claims is now offline - not the sign of a genuine innocent man.

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