Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Could this woman get a job in your office?

I was reading the BBC news online and came across an article that raises interesting questions about what's suitable 'work attire' and if people are pushing the boundaries these days.

I no when I'm organising my clothes for work in the morning or buying new clothes I always try to find a balance between being comfortable and smart.I wonder what recruiters think when someone comes for an interview casual or informal - does it automatically make them negative about that person's ability and ultimately result in them hiring someone else.

Despite what people may say, I think people do get an impression of someone from what they are wearing and draw conclusions within the first few minutes of meeting them - whether it's right or wrong.It would be intersting to hear from everyone what they think is acceptable to wear to work and what is unacceptable and if you have ever hired someone despite their scruffy appearance?

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