Wednesday, 15 July 2009

How NOT to be part of the unemployment statistics during the recession…?

In the news today I read:

“The number of Britons out of work increased by 281,000 in the three months
to the end of May, the most for a quarter since records began in 1971”.

This is certainly worrying and everyday I hear of more and more people hit by the recession and its effects. From the people I’ve spoken to the story seems to be similar. They are sending out so many CV’s and applications that they are beginning to lose count and only seem to hear back from a small number even to say “Sorry you are unsuccessful…” which is obviously making a lot of people apprehensive about applying for more and it’s a vicious cycle.

I personally think that one of the most successful ways to get a job during tough times is to make yourself stand out. That doesn’t have to involve standing with a huge “HIRE ME” sign outside companies you want to work for but perhaps thinking about ways that you can communicate to these companies in a way that stands out from all the other bland CV’s they receive everyday.

Networking with recruiters through sites such as the Hirer Network or speaking to people you know and finding out if there is anyone they know that may be able to advise you on the best way to get your ‘foot in the door’ is always going to be more effective than an email or letter you send out to lots of companies.

To be more specific, if you focus your efforts on companies in growth industries where your skills are suited, and if you emphasise your ability to have an immediate impact on prospective employers' bottom lines, you'll be more likely to succeed no matter how bad the economy.

So apathy aside, if you really want to get a job there are jobs out there – get them.

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