Thursday, 9 July 2009

Is Someone Listening into your Mobile Phone Calls?

The police are to examine claims that a huge mobile phone hacking operation was launched by the News of the World, targeting thousands of people.
The Guardian says the paper's reporters paid private investigators to hack into phones, many of them owned by politicians and celebrities.
It is alleged details were suppressed by the police and the High Court.
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson has ordered a senior officer to "establish the facts".

I was just reading about the police investigation into the News of The World allegedly hacking people’s phones and if it is true it’s absolutely ridiculous. There’s been so much controversy surrounding journalists in recent years and in particular paparazzi, in cases like Princess Diana’s death but this is a new low. This is completely premeditated and if true absolutely shocking that anyone would think it’s acceptable to invade anyone’s privacy to that extent.

There are lots of people who campaign against the way this country is heading with CCTV on every corner and a national database of everyone through ID cards but this is supposed to be for the purpose of protecting the country, keeping the streets safer and counteracting terrorism say the Government, which may be true.

However, what excuse can a newspaper have for listening into private phone calls? Gossip? To sell papers? In my opinion there is none.

I have in the past had the view point that people who put themselves in the public eye have to deal with the consequences and all the circumstances that come with it to some extent (with the exception of children), however I am beginning to think that there are certain media sources now that have taken it too far and there needs to be a line drawn. There has to be some rules or regulations that can govern, punish and strike off any journalists who cross the line.

What’s your thoughts…?

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